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Welcome to Cleverly & Freisner

The firm’s lawyers have been involved in cases resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars being paid to clients, and have fought some of the largest corporations and insurance companies in the nation. We strive to bring a million dollar strategy to each case.

One of the hallmarks of our firm is representing the regular person against powerful interest.

We understand that clients often come to us, because they know they will be working with experienced lawyers well versed in the law and skilled in fighting insurance companies and corporations. Moreover, our clients know they are getting a law firm with aggressive attorneys willing to take a case all the way.

Bringing years of experience to the table is only part of the equation for a successful law firm, it also takes attorneys that understand how a serious legal matter can impact spouses, children, parents…the entire family. In the case of commercial litigation, it takes attorneys that understand the outcome of a case impacts everyone from the single shareholder to the Board of Directors.

Helping our clients put the pieces back together is our primary goal in all cases.

Focus Areas: